Dare to Be Square West, November 11-14

D2BS is coming to town!! Early Bird Registration ends Oct. 1, so get your tickets soon! Brittany is coordinating the work trade, and Kate is coordinating the housing for out-of-towners, so get in touch with us for more info on those opportunities.

Register yourself at daretobesquarewest.org, and join in for a weekend of music and dancing.  Also register to vote, duh!

Highlights include a Friday night dance played by yours truly, 7:30pm, Saturday/Sunday workshops and evening dance/concert, and a Monday Stragglers Brunch + Tractor dance. Venues include Leif Erikson Hall, Fremont Abbey & the Tractor Tavern. All details to be found at daretobesquarewest.org, including registration and work trade opportunities.

Here’s a draft schedule for the Barn Owls’ involvement during weekend:
Evening Public Dance, 7:30-11pm w. Susan Michaels calling
10:30-11:45AM – Barn Owls playing for workshop w. Susan Michaels calling
1-2PM – Stringband 101 Workshop
 2:15-3:15PM – Fiddle Workshop w. Brittany, Singing Waltzes w. Hanna, Kate, & Katy
10-11:15AM – Dance/calling workshop w. Susan Michaels calling
2:15-3:15PM – Dance/calling workshop w. Bill Ohse calling
3:30-4:30PM – Callers’ Practice Session